An orange kitten sleeping between various DVDs. A building can be seen behind the kitten through the window. Past the building is the city skyline.
Small black labradoodle lying on bed with a GOLF le FLEUR hat. Wall shelf in the back has various miscellaneous objects.
Skeletal figure with two smoking horns wearing a fur coat. The overhead sky darkens.
Ghastly woman bleeding from the nose and eyes, walking towards a light in a road.
Lighthouse keeper engulfed in fog/water as performing the duty of a lighthouse with his eyes. Tentacles hold the drawn picture.
Fluffy cow chewing hay.
Woman holding fiery scythe, floating on a black cloud. She wears a robe with no face, her hair in a bun.
Pretty cat looking up.
Robin Williams smiles towards the camera, wearing a cloudy sweater.
Young white man with spiked hair.
Young asian woman holding up a peace sign.
Young african woman wearing a head scarf.
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